Who Virginia Might Actually Choose In The Next Election

As we gear up for the 2024 elections, Virginia has emerged as a critical battleground, and the race is already heating up between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and President Biden. A recent survey by Virginia Commonwealth University has provided us with some fascinating insights into the preferences of Virginians.

The poll shows that in a hypothetical 2024 match-up between the Republican nominee and Biden, DeSantis holds a slight edge over former President Donald Trump. While we all appreciate Trump’s bold America First policies, it’s heartening to witness DeSantis capturing the hearts of Virginians as well.

In the 2022 rematch scenario, Trump stands strong with 40% of the vote, and Biden is not far behind with 43% support. However, when it comes to a face-off between DeSantis and Biden, both candidates are neck-and-neck, with 41% support each. These results signal a real chance for DeSantis to secure Virginia’s crucial electoral votes and put an end to Biden’s questionable policies.

But it’s not just about the presidential race. Virginia is also gearing up for a crucial statewide election. While Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin has not announced his intentions to run for the Senate, the poll suggests that 42% of respondents would support him if he decides to do so. This demonstrates strong support for our Republican leadership.

On the other hand, current Democratic Senator Tim Kaine has 47% of respondents in his favor, reminding us that the fight for Virginia is far from over. We must rally behind candidates who uphold conservative values and prioritize the interests of the people.

The poll also shows that a significant majority of 54% of respondents disapprove of how Biden is handling his role as President. It’s no surprise; Biden’s policies have been nothing short of disastrous, affecting our economy, national security, and personal freedoms.

Former Virginia Governor L. Douglas Wilder’s words resonate deeply with us: “Voters are looking for leadership at all levels and want their voices heard.” It’s our responsibility to stand up for our values, advocate for conservative principles, and ensure that our voices are heard loud and clear.

As we head into the 2024 elections, the stakes are high, and the future of our great nation hangs in the balance. With strong contenders like Ron DeSantis and growing awareness of the failures of Biden’s administration, we have a genuine opportunity to reclaim the White House and continue our mission of making America great again!

So, fellow patriots, let’s keep our spirits high, stay engaged, and work tirelessly to secure a bright future for our beloved nation. Together, we can overcome any challenge and bring about the positive change our country so urgently needs. Let’s unite, stand tall, and make history in Virginia’s heartland!

Source Fox News