Left-Wing Coalition Vs. Biden: A Battle You Didn’t See Coming

Hello there, my fellow Republican supporters! Today, we’re diving right back into the action surrounding the Biden administration’s Circumvention of Lawful Pathways rule. Hold on tight, because the legal tug-of-war is far from over!

You remember the rule, right? The one that bars migrants from claiming asylum if they’ve entered the U.S. illegally and didn’t seek asylum in another country they passed through. It’s been a critical part of Biden’s post-Title 42 border strategy.

So, let me catch you up on what’s been happening. Left-wing groups decided to throw a wrench into the works and challenged the rule, claiming it restricts the right to seek asylum and is just like a Trump-era transit ban that got tossed out ages ago.

But the Biden team isn’t backing down! They argued that there are expanded lawful migration pathways and ways to prove eligibility in certain cases. However, Judge Jon Tigar wasn’t buying it and blocked the rule. But don’t start cheering just yet, because he gave the administration 14 days to appeal.

Guess what? The Biden administration jumped on the chance to appeal, and this is where the real showdown happened. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals panel, featuring three judges, granted a temporary stay. That means the judge’s order won’t take effect while the case is ongoing. A momentary win for the Biden camp!

But here comes the plot twist – the Trump-appointed judge on the panel didn’t quite see it that way. He dissented, arguing that the Biden rule is like a stylish baby conceived by the Trump administration’s Port of Entry Rule and Transit Rule, complete with a phone app! He pointed out the court’s different treatment of the Trump-era restrictions, raising some eyebrows.

What’s the bottom line? This ruling might help prevent a fresh wave of migrants at the southern border, but we can’t rest easy just yet. Overall border numbers have dropped since the end of Title 42, but there are signs of an uptick, and we need to keep an eye on the situation.

Moreover, Republican-led states aren’t sitting idle. They’re challenging the rule, claiming it’s just a “smoke screen” to disguise illegal crossings as “lawful pathways.” The legal battle is far from over, and we must stay vigilant as we defend our stance on secure borders and lawful immigration.

Stay tuned, fellow Republicans! The showdown continues, and we’ll keep you updated on all the twists and turns in this high-stakes legal drama.

Source Fox News