What The Biden Administration Isn’t Telling You About Offshore Wind

Greetings, fellow Republicans! Today, we delve into a pressing issue that affects our beloved New England fisheries and coastal towns. Recent studies are shedding light on a concerning reality – offshore wind turbines might not be the panacea they claim to be. Instead, they’re causing substantial harm to our marine ecosystem.

The New England Fishermen’s Stewardship Association (NEFSA) is leading the charge in unveiling the truth. Their Offshore Wind Research Summary brings together academic papers that emphasize the peril these turbines pose to our ocean environment.

An investigation from the 2022 Journal of Marine Science and Engineering uncovered that electromagnetic fields (EMF) generated by sub-sea cables are causing deformities in juvenile lobsters. This revelation is nothing short of alarming and necessitates a pause for thought.

But wait, there’s more. Another study focused on high voltage direct current cables – the ones that channel energy from turbines – found that magnetic fields are negatively impacting the swimming abilities of haddock larvae. This isn’t just an environmental concern; it directly impacts the livelihoods of our fishing fleets and coastal communities.

NEFSA’s demand for meticulous research before permitting additional offshore wind projects is not just reasonable, it’s vital. We can’t stand idly by while foreign energy corporations endanger our rich heritage. Lobster and haddock serve as the backbone of New England’s fisheries, and their well-being is non-negotiable.

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) is already eyeing 9.8 million acres in the Gulf of Maine for wind farm expansion. This vast expanse covers prime fishing areas that we must safeguard. The economic prosperity of our fishing fleets and coastal communities hinges on responsible decision-making.

Furthermore, these wind farms are influencing sea surface temperatures and altering ocean dynamics in perplexing ways. The repercussions eerily mirror the impacts of climate change, raising legitimate concerns about the actual consequences of these turbines.

Dear Republicans, let’s unite against impulsive choices that could compromise our fisheries and communities. Let’s rally behind NEFSA’s plea for careful examination and sensible development. Our voice holds weight, and our oceans merit conscientious protection. Stay tuned for more conservative viewpoints on this critical matter.

Source Fox News