A Stunning Joint Statement: Why You Might Be Left In The Dark

Ladies and gentlemen, fellow conservatives, it’s time to address an issue that strikes at the heart of our nation’s security: the Biden administration’s assault on gas-fired plants. This isn’t just about energy; it’s about the very foundation of our economy and well-being. Buckle up as we uncover the real consequences of their policies.

Our power grid operators, responsible for delivering power to millions, are speaking out with alarm. The Biden administration’s crackdown on gas-fired plants jeopardizes the reliability of our grid. As renewable resources grow, we can’t ignore the vital role that gas-fired plants play in maintaining stability.

Investments in existing units are essential for keeping our grid robust. Yet, the administration’s proposal threatens these investments and, consequently, our energy security.

Carbon capture technology, heralded as a solution, isn’t ready for prime time. If it fails to materialize as anticipated, our power supply could suffer. This isn’t speculation; it’s a real danger that could plunge us into darkness.

The EPA’s power plant regulations come with a heavy cost. While they claim environmental benefits, they’ll force coal plants to shut down or embrace costly, unproven technology. This translates to higher costs for all of us.

Conservatives, it’s time to take a stand. Our energy security is on the line, and we can’t afford to let misguided policies erode our prosperity. Let’s demand policies that protect our energy future, ensure affordability, and put American interests first.

Source Fox News