The Latest Political Shift You Didn’t See Coming, You Need To See This

Vice President Kamala Harris continues to struggle with low approval ratings, with only 73% of her own party approving of her job performance. Her approval ratings among independents and Republicans are even lower, with just 36% and 15% respectively.

While her approval ratings have improved slightly among independents and Republicans, her overall approval rating is only 43%, and her personal favorability rating is net negative by 16 points.

These numbers are concerning for Harris and the Democratic Party, as she is expected to run for president in 2024. Her low approval ratings among Democrats show that she needs to work harder to gain support from her own party before the election.

One reason for her low approval ratings is her perceived lack of accomplishment as Vice President. She has not had any significant legislative achievements to her name, and her handling of the border crisis has been criticized by both Republicans and Democrats.

Another factor is her perceived lack of charisma and likability. While she is a historic figure as the first female, Black, and Indian-American Vice President, she has not been able to connect with voters in the same way that President Biden or former President Obama did. Her controversial past as a prosecutor and her flip-flopping on key issues have also hurt her image.

Overall, Harris needs to work on improving her approval ratings among Democrats if she wants to have a chance of winning the presidency in 2024.

She needs to focus on accomplishing tangible goals as Vice President and improving her image as a charismatic and likable leader.

Source Fox News