Multi-Million Dollar Mystery, You’ll Never Guess Whose Hands Are Dirty

The recent report by the House Oversight and Accountability Committee has uncovered alarming evidence of the Biden family’s involvement in “influence peddling and business schemes.”

During Joe Biden’s tenure as Vice President, the Biden family and its business associates created over 20 companies and received more than $10 million from foreign nationals.

The memo released by the committee ahead of the press conference revealed that the Biden family appeared to take steps to conceal the source and total amount received from foreign companies. The committee has subpoenaed four different banks as part of its probe and received thousands of records in response.

The committee’s investigation is centered on the opaque corporate structure of particular Biden-affiliated companies and their complicated connections with each other.

The memo included a breakdown of the transactions from Chinese and Romanian nationals and companies. The committee already sees signs that the Biden family may have collected money from foreign nationals trying to influence U.S. policy.

The White House has dismissed the investigation as “evidence-free” and “politically motivated.” However, these findings are deeply concerning and suggest a pattern of corruption and influence peddling within the Biden family.

It is important that the committee continues to gather bank records and follow the money trail to get to the bottom of this matter.

Source Fox News