Our Land, Their Power, You’ll Never Guess Who’s Involved

The Chinese Communist Party’s land ownership in the United States poses a significant threat to our national security and must be addressed promptly. The implications of allowing Chinese-backed entities to acquire land near our military installations cannot be understated.

Espionage is a paramount concern when it comes to Chinese-owned farming operations near U.S. military bases. These operations could gather sensitive information and potentially compromise our military installations.

We have seen examples of Chinese espionage in action, such as the closure of the Chinese Consulate in Houston, Texas, due to their involvement in medical research theft and attempts to infiltrate our vital industries.

Moreover, the CCP’s acquisition of U.S. farmland also puts our food security at risk. Granting them control over our nation’s food supply would give them undue influence over negotiations and compromise our security. Additionally, China’s lax food safety standards raise concerns about the safety and quality of Chinese-produced food.

The alarming increase in Chinese farmland ownership is a cause for immediate action. Chinese investors have doubled their ownership of American farmland, accumulating around 385,000 acres in just three years. This rapid expansion demands strict regulations and measures to prevent unregulated land purchases near military bases and critical infrastructure.

To protect our national security, Congress should pass legislation that restricts or even prohibits Chinese-owned firms from acquiring land near our military bases, critical infrastructure, and sensitive natural resources.

It is imperative to strengthen the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) to scrutinize Chinese investments and add the Department of Agriculture to its board. Transparency is essential, and Chinese-owned firms must be compelled to disclose the full extent of their farmland ownership in the U.S.

Furthermore, reclaiming or seizing U.S. farmland purchased by CCP-affiliated groups is a viable solution. Recent spying activities, including the deployment of a spy balloon gathering military intelligence, highlight the urgency of such actions. Legislation should be considered to allocate funds specifically for buying back agricultural land owned by CCP-affiliated entities.

As patriotic Americans, we must prioritize national security and protect our interests from the Chinese Communist Party’s encroachments. Balancing economic interests with national security concerns is essential, especially as American Defense Officials warn of a potential war with China in the near future. Let us rally behind stringent policies that safeguard our country’s success and ensure a secure future for generations to come.

Source Fox News