An Unexpected Event In The Senate, You’ll Never Guess Who

In a triumph for common sense and responsible governance, the Senate has passed a resolution rejecting the Biden administration’s misguided “public charge” rule. This victory should be celebrated by all conservatives who believe in limited government and fiscal responsibility.

Led by the unwavering Senator Roger Marshall, this resolution sends a strong message that the American people demand accountability in our immigration system. It is a rejection of the Biden administration’s attempt to prioritize government dependence over self-sufficiency.

The Biden rule, introduced last year by the Department of Homeland Security, deviates from the common-sense approach of the previous Trump-era policy.

The Trump rule expanded the factors considered in determining an immigrant’s status as a “public charge,” ensuring that our immigration system remains fair and protects the interests of American taxpayers.

Under the Biden rule, applicants will only be considered a public charge if they are projected to become primarily dependent on the government.

This limited definition fails to recognize the potential strain on resources and the long-term consequences for American taxpayers. We cannot allow our immigration system to become a burden on hardworking citizens.

It is essential to note that these rules only apply to legal immigrants seeking permanent residency, not to illegal immigrants or those seeking asylum.

Public charge assessments are not made for asylum seekers, refugees, or Temporary Protected Status recipients. This ensures that we address humanitarian needs while upholding the principles of fiscal responsibility.

The Biden administration’s insistence on maintaining this flawed rule is disheartening. Their claims of promoting fair treatment for legal immigrants and their families are nothing more than empty rhetoric. We must prioritize the well-being and prosperity of American citizens and reject policies that burden them.

Source Fox News