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President Biden’s approval rating has been a closely watched metric since taking office. In the early days of his presidency, his approval rating was high, with some polls showing him with a 60% or higher approval rating.

However, his approval rating has since dipped, with some polls showing him with an approval rating in the low to mid-50s. The drop in approval rating has been attributed to a number of factors, including the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, the situation at the border, and the economy.

Despite the dip in his approval rating, Biden remains a popular figure among Democrats, with the majority of Democrats continuing to approve of his job performance. Republicans, on the other hand, remain highly critical of the president, with the majority disapproving of his job performance.

The fate of Biden’s approval rating remains uncertain, with much depending on his ability to address key issues facing the country, such as the pandemic, the economy, and immigration. If he is successful in addressing these issues, his approval rating could rebound.