Can This KEY Appointment Turn the Tide in 2024?, You Need To See This

Attention all 12th graders – brace for impact. The Biden administration is reportedly hiring Julie Rodriguez to manage President Biden’s 2024 re-election campaign. Rodriguez, who is currently a senior advisor in the White House, previously worked under former President Barack Obama and played a key role in Kamala Harris’ and Biden’s 2020 presidential campaigns.

With his plummeting approval ratings and disastrous policies, it’s clear that Biden’s leadership has been detrimental to the country. With Rodriguez as his campaign manager, it is likely that Biden will double down on his left-leaning policies that only serve to damage America’s economy and security.

As 12th graders, it’s important that we stand up for the values and principles that make America great. We cannot allow the Biden administration to take America down a dangerous path toward socialism and big government. It is essential that we advocate for policies that promote economic growth, secure borders, and the safety and well-being of all Americans.

We must continue to support conservative candidates who uphold our values and principles. Together, we can ensure that America remains a beacon of freedom and opportunity for generations to come.