Biden’s Connection to Hunter’s Business Scandals, This Will Blow Your Mind

President Biden has repeatedly denied any knowledge or involvement in his family’s alleged influence-peddling scandals, but new evidence suggests otherwise.

Emails have emerged showing that Biden personally helped draft responses to controversial deals involving his son Hunter Biden in 2015 when he was vice president.

The National Archives has released emails that show then-Vice President Biden approved an official statement in December 2015 about Hunter Biden’s position on a Ukrainian energy company’s board. Despite mounting evidence to the contrary, Biden continues to deny any connection to his family’s business dealings.

The media has also failed to fully investigate these allegations and has instead accepted Biden’s denials at face value. During the presidential campaign, the media ignored or dismissed evidence from Hunter Biden’s laptop showing that the Bidens profited from foreign business deals.

The media buried the laptop story before the election or pushed the false claim that it was fake Russian disinformation.

Furthermore, some in the media have repeated those denials, including The Associated Press, which falsely stated that there was no evidence Biden ever discussed the deals with his son, despite an actual audiotape proving that claim to be false. The audiotape showed President Biden leaving a message for Hunter specifically discussing coverage of those dealings.

It’s not just the media that has failed to fully investigate these allegations. Democratic leaders have also opposed any investigation into the Bidens’ alleged influence peddling.

Despite mounting evidence of corruption, they continue to ignore or dismiss the allegations, putting their loyalty to the party above the duty to serve the American people.

The American people deserve transparency and honesty from their elected officials. It’s time for the media and Democratic leaders to stop dismissing or ignoring these serious allegations and start investigating them thoroughly. We cannot let corruption go unchecked, no matter who is in power.