Presidential Slipups Take Center Stage, You Won’t Believe What He Said

During a speech commemorating Women’s History Month, President Biden made a major slipup, saying that the most significant gun safety law in 30 years would help keep guns out of the hands of “domestic political advisors.”

The White House had to issue a correction, crossing out “domestic political advisors” and writing in what he was supposed to say, “[convicted domestic abusers.

This gaffe is yet another addition to Biden’s long history of gaffes and awkward anecdotes. In February, he boasted during a speech at the White House that “more than half the women” on his team “are women.”

Earlier this month, during a speech about healthcare policy, he told a story about a nurse who would whisper in his ear and breathe on him to create a human connection.

Biden’s constant slip-ups have raised concerns about his mental fitness for the presidency.

Although some may argue that these are just harmless gaffes, they reflect poorly on the leader of the free world. It is important for the President to communicate clearly and effectively, especially during important speeches and events.