Biden’s Billionaire Blunder, This Tax Trouble May Leave You Speechless

In a recent tweet, President Biden made a baffling claim that has left many wondering about the accuracy of his statement.

The tweet included a quote from the President saying, “You know the average tax billionaires pay? Three percent.

No billionaire should be paying a lower tax than somebody working as a schoolteacher or a firefighter.”

However, this statistic contradicts previous White House reports, raising concerns about the validity of Biden’s assertion.

It’s unclear where the 3% figure came from, as earlier White House reports have cited different statistics.

For example, a fact sheet from February titled “The Biden Economic Plan Is Working” stated that billionaires pay an average tax rate of 8%.

This inconsistency has left many questioning the reliability of the President’s claims. As if the confusion surrounding Biden’s tweet wasn’t enough, Twitter CEO Elon Musk chimed in to dispute the President’s tax claim.

Musk tweeted that he paid 53% in taxes on his Tesla stock options and claimed to have paid more income tax than anyone in history in 2021, with plans to do so again in 2022.

As passionate Republican voters, it’s crucial to remain vigilant and hold our leaders accountable for their statements.

This incident serves as another example of the need for accuracy and transparency from our elected officials, especially when discussing critical issues like taxes and income inequality.