Another Political Shocker, You’ll Never Guess Who’s In The Mix

In a stunning revelation, a former staffer for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been exposed for her alarming association with the New York Communist Party. Justine Medina, who worked for AOC between February and November 2020, has now taken a senior position within an organization that stands in stark contrast to the principles upon which America was founded.

According to the New York Post, Medina, who proudly identifies as a democratic socialist, was paid a substantial salary of over $35,000 by AOC. However, her true colors were revealed when she became a senior official for the New York Communist Party, as reported by People’s World, a Communist Party newspaper.

Medina’s communist ideology was evident in her social media posts both before and during her time as AOC’s aide. On Twitter, she boldly declared, “Communism is about equality, democracy, peace, the advancement of workers, the oppressed, and humanity in general.” She shamelessly promoted this failed ideology, dismissing any concerns about its historical failures.

During her tenure with the New York Democrat, Medina claimed responsibility for organizing and writing policy language with anti-war veterans and the peace movement. It is deeply concerning that an individual with such extreme beliefs had a hand in shaping policy within our government.

Even more troubling is the fact that AOC continues to follow Medina on Twitter, demonstrating a disturbing connection between the congresswoman and radical ideologies. It is evident that AOC’s circle includes individuals who embrace far-left principles and seek to fundamentally transform our nation.

Medina has not hesitated to use her newfound platform to advance her radical agenda. She recently organized a “Rent Rollback” protest against New York Gov. Kathy Hochul and Mayor Eric Adams. Her involvement in progressive protests extends beyond this event, as she was arrested multiple times during the Black Lives Matter riots in June 2020.

Furthermore, Medina played a pivotal role in organizing efforts to unionize Amazon’s workforce, ultimately thwarting the company’s plans to establish headquarters in New York City. Her actions have had far-reaching consequences, negatively impacting economic growth and job opportunities for countless Americans.

It is worth noting that Medina’s father, Omar Medina, a Cuban-American lawyer, has made substantial donations to political candidates such as Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. However, he vehemently disapproves of his daughter’s association with communism, emphasizing that his family escaped that oppressive system.

The shocking betrayal of American values displayed by Justine Medina serves as a stark reminder of the dangerous ideologies that threaten to undermine our nation. It is imperative that we remain vigilant in defending the principles upon which America was built, ensuring that radical beliefs find no place in our government.

Stay tuned as we continue to uncover the truth about the disturbing connections between AOC and individuals who embrace dangerous ideologies that directly contradict our founding principles.

Source conservative brief