A Surprising TURN Of Events, You’ll Never Guess Who Will Face The Consequences

Illegal immigration is a growing problem in America, and nowhere is this more apparent than on our southern border. With the end of Title 42 just days away, the situation is becoming more and more dire, and the mayor of El Paso is warning that there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Mayor Oscar Leeser recently spoke out about the situation, saying, “”Federal immigration laws are broken, and they didn’t break during this administration or the last administration.

We have to figure out where we are heading. There is no light at the end of the tunnel.””

Leeser’s warning comes as three cities in Texas, including El Paso, have declared a state of emergency due to the flood of illegal immigrants crossing the border.

The situation is so bad that The New York Times has described it as “”a tableau of human misery fanned out for several blocks, with destitute migrants occupying every spit of sidewalk”” in front of Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

The end of Title 42, a Trump-era policy that has been used to expel hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants back to Mexico, is setting the stage for what could be a new immigration surge. This surge is expected to inflame political tensions and strain resources across the southern border.

President Joe Biden’s border czar, Alejandro Mayorkas, has attempted to deflect criticism for the ongoing humanitarian crisis at the border. Mayorkas has argued that illegal immigration is a “”decades-long problem”” that “”hasn’t been fixed since the ’90s.””

But the truth is that Biden’s policies have only made the situation worse. Instead of enforcing our laws and protecting our borders, he has opened them up, sending the message that anyone who wants to can come to America.

This has led to a massive influx of illegal immigrants, many of whom are being exploited by smugglers and cartels.

The situation is unacceptable, and it’s time for our leaders to take action. We need to secure our borders and enforce our laws, and we need to do it now. The safety and security of our nation depend on it.

Source Fox News