You’ll NEVER Guess Whose Age Pelosi Compares to Biden’s, Laughable

Imagine you’re trying to convince your friends that your grandpa is still sharp as a tack. Your main argument? “Well, he’s younger than my grandma!”

That’s exactly what Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did when she tried to defend President Joe Biden’s age during a recent interview with Evan Smith from the Atlantic.

With only a two-year age gap between Pelosi (82) and Biden (80), her argument was far from convincing.

Social media users had a field day pointing out how Pelosi’s own signs of aging made her comparison to Biden even more laughable.

One user said, “Someone needs to tell @SpeakerPelosi that this is NOT the winning point she thinks it is. She also seems somewhat impaired in looks, voice & mannerisms.”

Another user humorously added, “Watch this without sound and tell me she doesn’t look absolutely Insane.” But the real issue isn’t about age – it’s about cognitive abilities.

Critics argue that President Biden shows signs of cognitive decline, which is worrisome for someone in his position.

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas), a former White House physician, has been especially vocal about these concerns. So, what did Pelosi’s age gaffe achieve?

It gave social media users a good laugh and only intensified the ongoing debate about President Biden’s cognitive abilities. It’s safe to say that Pelosi’s “winning point” turned out to be anything but.