You’ll Never Guess Who’s Teaming Up in Congress

In a remarkable display of bipartisan cooperation, lawmakers in the House of Representatives have introduced a bill to protect American farmland from foreign adversaries, with a particular focus on China. The bill, led by Rep. Abigail Spanberger, a former CIA officer, reflects a shared concern among Republicans and Democrats regarding the economic investments made by hostile nations.

Rep. Spanberger emphasized the importance of thoughtful decision-making when it comes to economic engagements, stating, “We must ensure the protection of American agriculture from our adversaries.” This sentiment underscores the need to safeguard our nation’s vital resources and resonates strongly with patriotic Americans across party lines.

Joining forces with Rep. Spanberger on this critical issue is Rep. Dale Strong, a Republican from Alabama. Additionally, a companion bill has been introduced in the Senate, garnering support from three Republican senators and Senator Jon Tester, a Democrat from Montana. The introduction of this bipartisan legislation sends a powerful message that Congress recognizes the growing threat posed by foreign ownership of U.S. agricultural land.

The bill aims to prevent entities linked to the Chinese Communist Party, as well as those associated with oppressive regimes in Iran, North Korea, and Russia, from acquiring U.S. farmland. It also seeks to restrict their participation in specific programs directed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. By enacting these measures, the bill ensures the integrity and security of our food and fiber market, shielding it from undue external influence.

Startling statistics reveal the urgency of this legislation. A report by the Congressional Research Service disclosed that China had already acquired around 1% of foreign-owned U.S. agricultural land by the end of 2021, equivalent to a vast expanse of 383,935 acres. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack further testified to Congress that as of 2021, Iran, North Korea, China, and Russia collectively owned 400,000 acres of American farmland.

These figures illustrate the pressing need for action to address this alarming trend. The proposed bill aims to close existing loopholes that hinder accurate tracking of foreign ownership of U.S. farmland, ensuring greater transparency and accountability. It also seeks to prevent Beijing-backed companies from acquiring farmland in proximity to sensitive military bases, a matter of significant concern given Rep. Spanberger’s background in national security.

Beyond national security implications, the economic impact of these acquisitions cannot be underestimated. Rep. Spanberger highlights the vital role of agriculture in her home state of Virginia, where it is the number one private industry. The large-scale purchase of farmland by any foreign entity, particularly the Chinese Communist Party, poses a potential threat to the state’s economy and could disrupt agricultural operations.

In conclusion, the introduction of this bipartisan bill demonstrates a united front against the growing threat of foreign ownership of American farmland. By protecting our agricultural resources from hostile nations, Congress is taking decisive action to safeguard our national interest. The bill’s provisions ensure the strength and stability of our economy, sending a resolute message that our adversaries will not compromise our food and fiber market.

Source Fox News