You’ll Never Guess Who’s Linked To The Newest Allegations

Welcome back, fellow Republicans, to another explosive update on the Biden family’s web of questionable dealings. As Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, I have relentlessly pursued the truth, and the latest revelations are mind-boggling. Join me as we delve deeper into the intricate financial maze surrounding the Bidens and shed light on potential threats to national security and President Joe Biden’s credibility.

Our committee’s tireless efforts have unearthed thousands of financial records linked to the Biden family, revealing an astonishing pattern. Millions of dollars originating from China and Romania have flowed into the Biden family’s accounts and those of their associates. This begs a fundamental question: What exactly is the nature of the Biden family’s business? With no tangible products or substantial assets generating income, it becomes crystal clear that their trade revolves around the sale of influence and access.

President Biden, in a series of blatant falsehoods, has repeatedly misled the American people about his family’s dubious business ties. The implications are troubling, and we are left wondering whether Joe Biden himself was actively involved in these questionable dealings.

But hold onto your seats because we have an exclusive bombshell revelation from an impeccable whistleblower. This source approached Senator Chuck Grassley with jaw-dropping disclosures contained in an unclassified FBI-generated record known as the FD-1023 form.

The contents of this document shed light on conversations between a foreign national and a confidential human source, alleging bribery involving then-Vice President Biden.

The FBI’s initial resistance to releasing this record raised grave concerns about the agency’s impartiality. FBI Director Christopher Wray’s refusal to acknowledge the existence of the FD-1023 form and the subsequent defiance of our congressional subpoena cast a shadow of doubt over their integrity.

However, we stood strong and resolute, vowing to hold the FBI accountable. Finally, under mounting pressure, the FBI relented, granting all members of the House Oversight Committee access to review the record and providing additional documents.

As we dig deeper into this labyrinthine investigation, several crucial details emerge:

The FBI has explicitly confirmed that the information contained in the record forms a vital part of an ongoing investigation.

The confidential human source, a trusted and longstanding informant, has collaborated with the FBI for years, and their credibility is beyond reproach.

The allegations within the record align closely with the financial records our committee has painstakingly gathered. The Bidens have meticulously employed a tangled network of limited liability companies and convoluted financial transactions to obfuscate the origins of their funds and evade detection.

Disinformation campaigns perpetrated by the left underscore the urgent need for the FBI to make the unclassified FD-1023 record available to the House Oversight Committee.

Despite the mounting evidence, the White House and Democrats continue to peddle falsehoods, downplaying the allegations and deceiving the American people. It is our duty to set the record straight:

Democrats dismiss the record as mere secondhand hearsay, conveniently overlooking the fact that it originates from a trusted confidential source with a long-standing relationship with the FBI.
Contrary to their baseless claims, the FD-1023 record is entirely independent and not part of Rudy Giuliani’s submissions. It contains information sourced directly from the FBI’s confidential human source dating back to 2017.

The FBI generated the FD-1023 document in June 2020, leveraging their comprehensive records dating back to 2017. The Department of Justice conducted a thorough assessment of separate material provided in January 2020, closing the assessment in August 2020.

Democrats’ insinuations of a rushed and incomplete investigation are nothing but a desperate attempt to discredit our efforts.
Importantly, the allegations contained in the record are far from closed, as emphatically stated by FBI officials and former Attorney General William Barr.
As Republicans, we must stand united in demanding answers, transparency, and accountability. The FBI’s integrity has been called into question, but we will not be deterred in our pursuit of justice.

The House Oversight Committee, under my steadfast leadership, will leave no stone unturned in our mission to uncover the truth and restore faith in our institutions. Let the Democrats’ distractions and deceit serve as fuel for our determination. Stay tuned for more updates, as together, we will ensure that justice prevails.

Source Fox News