You’ll Never Guess Who’s In The Center Of This Helsinki Controversy

President Biden’s recent behavior has once again raised concerns and left many Americans scratching their heads. During his departure from Helsinki, a video captured the president leaning into a startled little girl and nibbling at her shoulder. The incident took place as Biden was greeting embassy staff members and their families before boarding Air Force One. The young girl appeared visibly frightened by the president’s peculiar conduct.

Social media erupted with criticism and outrage as the footage spread like wildfire. Conservative operative Caleb Hull labeled it as Biden’s “creepiest moment yet with a child.” He emphasized that all Biden had to do was refrain from such behavior, yet he couldn’t help himself. Republican operative Greg Price took a lighter approach, joking that Biden is now confusing babies with ice cream cones.

Donald Trump Jr. didn’t hold back either, suggesting that Biden should be in a nursing home instead of leading the free world. Political comedian Tim Young expressed his disgust, describing Biden’s actions as “peak, disgusting pedo behavior.” He urged parents to keep their children away from the president, highlighting the discomfort caused to the young girl in the video.

It’s not just this incident that has raised eyebrows. Throughout his recent European trip, Biden committed multiple speaking gaffes that have left observers questioning his mental acuity. At the NATO summit in Lithuania, he confused Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy with Russian President Vladimir Putin, referring to Zelenskyy as “Vladmir.” Biden seemed unaware of his mistake and even remarked that he “shouldn’t be so familiar.” Later, he referred to Ukraine as Russia, only correcting himself after the blunder.

These gaffes are part of a larger pattern of fumbles by President Biden. It’s concerning that the leader of the free world repeatedly confuses nations and their leaders, especially in a tense geopolitical climate. Americans deserve a president who is mentally sharp and capable of representing the country effectively on the world stage.

As Biden’s presidency progresses, it’s crucial to hold him accountable for his actions and ensure that his behavior aligns with the dignity and respect expected of the highest office in the land. The American people deserve transparency and honesty from their leaders, and it’s our duty as engaged citizens to demand it.

Source Fox News