You’ll Never Guess Who’s Coming After Trump Now, Take TWO Guesses

As tensions rise within the Republican Party, a recent news story has shed light on the brewing storm between New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu and former President Donald Trump.

Sununu, a prominent Republican figure, has been vocal about his belief that Trump cannot win the White House in 2024. The situation is reminiscent of a high-stakes chess match, with both players meticulously plotting their next move to ensure victory.

However, the former president isn’t taking these criticisms lightly. At a campaign event in Manchester, New Hampshire, Trump called Sununu “a nasty guy” and questioned his decision to not run for Senate in 2022.

Trump’s comments paint a vivid picture of a wounded lion, fiercely defending its territory from potential challengers.

The governor, on the other hand, insists that his remarks aren’t personal, but a reflection of his desire to see the Republican Party triumph in the 2024 elections.

He argues that if Trump cannot secure victory, the party must find someone else who can. It’s like watching a tightrope walker, balancing the delicate line between loyalty to his party and the need for a strong candidate to lead them to success.

Sununu has long been a supporter of Trump, backing him in both the 2016 and 2020 elections.

However, his criticisms of the former president have grown more pointed over time, particularly concerning Trump’s unproven claims of a rigged 2020 election.

The governor’s evolving stance on Trump serves as a reminder that, in politics, alliances can be as fragile as a house of cards.

As this political drama unfolds, it’s clear that the Republican Party is at a crossroads.

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