You’ll NEVER Guess Who Was Nearly Forced To Compromise Their Beliefs

In yet another brazen attempt by the Biden administration to encroach on religious liberty, the St. Francis Catholic hospital system in Oklahoma was threatened with losing its accreditation for Medicaid and Medicare if they didn’t remove eternal flames from their chapels.

This blatant violation of their First Amendment rights and religious beliefs was met with swift opposition from St. Francis and their counsel, who threatened litigation if the government did not back off.

Thankfully, the federal government realized they had no leg to stand on and withdrew their demand, allowing St. Francis to continue to honor their faith by keeping the eternal flames burning in their chapels.

The flames symbolize the presence of Christ and are a crucial aspect of their worship, so to ask them to remove them would be to ask them to deny a fundamental part of their religion.

St. Francis has always been dedicated to serving God and their community, and they are happy to continue doing so without the threat of losing their accreditation.

This is a huge victory for religious liberty and for St. Francis, and it serves as a warning to the Biden administration that they cannot trample on the rights of religious institutions without facing consequences.

Source Fox News