You’ll Never Guess Who Might REPLACE Biden in 2024 Elections

Fox News host Tucker Carlson expressed his belief that Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, will run for president in 2024.

In his show, Carlson played a clip of Newsom’s political ad where he spoke about launching the Campaign for Democracy and taking the fight to states where freedom is most under attack.

Carlson opined that Newsom may say he isn’t running, but he will at the last minute. He also expressed concern over Newsom’s candidacy, calling him more dangerous than Joe Biden.

According to Carlson, Newsom’s record as governor of California shows his failures and lack of concern for individual rights and civil liberties. He cited Newsom’s vaccine mandate, which he says forced every one of the 40 million residents in California to get an experimental vaccine.

Despite Newsom’s failings as governor, Carlson sees him as the Democrats’ likely candidate for president because he embodies their highest values. He said Democrats will nominate another straight white man who loves the big banks, even oilier and faker than Biden because it worked last time.