You’ll Never Guess What’s Unfolding Inside The Presidential Office

President Biden’s age has emerged as a topic of discussion within the Democratic Party, causing concern among officials and prompting adjustments to his schedule. According to a recent New York Times report, efforts are made to provide him with ample rest and solitude on weekends, while all public appearances are primarily scheduled between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m.

During a private dinner gathering of former Democratic senators and governors, all from Biden’s generation, it was unanimously agreed that he is too old to seek re-election. The White House also receives inquiries about his health from local leaders, reflecting the widespread unease.

Despite these reservations, Biden formally announced his bid for re-election in 2024. However, the concerns about his age and fitness for another term have gained traction among voters, potentially posing challenges to his campaign.

The article sheds light on the limited access Biden has to the press, a precautionary measure by his aides to prevent major gaffes. Observations from those who have known him for years point to subtle changes, such as his reliance on a hand for support when sitting down and his reduced energy levels.

In an April press conference, Biden addressed these concerns, acknowledging his age and low approval ratings but expressing confidence in his abilities. He refused to focus on his numerical age, emphasizing that it is up to the people to judge his capability.

His advisors reportedly see his age as a liability, drawing a comparison to an “aging king” and implementing extensive measures to ensure his safety. This cautious approach reflects the importance his staff places on protecting him.

A recent Quinnipiac poll revealed that a majority of registered voters, including independents and even a significant portion of Democrats, consider Biden too old for another term. These concerns regarding his age could significantly impact the 2024 election.

The White House contends that Biden’s age has not led to any major changes in his schedule. Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, Biden’s deputy White House chief of staff, stated that his age does not play a significant role in their planning.

As doubts persist within the Democratic Party and among voters regarding Biden’s age, the upcoming 2024 election will be a crucial moment to evaluate whether he can overcome these concerns and secure re-election.

Source Fox News