You’ll Never Guess What Was Found At This Notorious Spot

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas recently took to social media to shed light on the ongoing border crisis under the Biden administration. Through a series of videos, Cruz highlighted the alarming number of illegal immigrants crossing the United States-Mexico border, demanding accountability from President Biden.

With unwavering determination, Cruz stood near a barbed wire barrier that runs along the border, pointing out the presence of over 22,000 illegal immigrants just across the river. He directly addressed President Biden, making it clear that the responsibility for this crisis lies with him.

Cruz didn’t shy away from discussing the harsh realities faced by those attempting to cross the border illegally. He emphasized the lives lost, women subjected to sexual abuse, children enduring brutality, and the victims of drug overdoses. These heartbreaking consequences demand immediate action and accountability from the Biden administration.

In a passionate plea, Cruz called on President Biden to visit the border and witness the dire situation firsthand. He urged the president to stop evading responsibility and confront the cruelty and inhumanity of the crisis. The expiration of Title 42, which has helped mitigate the influx of illegal immigration, will only exacerbate the already devastating situation.

Cruz’s second video showcased a disturbing find—a small sandal belonging to a young girl, possibly no more than five or six years old. This poignant discovery underscored the horrific and cruel nature of the current immigration situation. Cruz held President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and every congressional Democrat accountable for the border crisis.

As the deadline for the expiration of Title 42 loomed, Cruz continued to condemn President Biden and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. He argued that Texas is paying the price for their failure to protect the border, and emphasized the urgent need for swift action.

While Mayorkas claimed that the border remains secure, Cruz’s videos and the record-breaking numbers of encountered migrants paint a different picture. With over 10,000 individuals crossing the border each day, the severity of the crisis cannot be ignored.

President Biden’s policies, including catch and release, halting construction of the border wall, and terminating the Remain in Mexico policy, have contributed to the chaos. The American people deserve transparency, accountability, and effective measures to secure the border. It is time for President Biden to acknowledge the failures and take immediate action to address this crisis.

Source Fox News