You’ll NEVER Guess What This Former BLM Activist Revealed About Liberal Hypocrisy

Hey there, Republican friends! Have you heard about San Francisco’s latest shenanigan? They’ve cooked up a reparations plan that’s bound to leave you scratching your head.

But don’t worry, former Black Lives Matter activist Xavier DuRousseau is here to set the record straight! In an eye-opening interview on “The Ingraham Angle,” DuRousseau exposed the real agenda behind this reparations circus: manipulating minorities into feeling oppressed.

It seems that San Francisco officials believe Black Americans need government handouts to succeed.

Well, DuRousseau begs to differ, and he’s got the facts to back it up! So, what does San Francisco’s reparations plan actually entail?

Money, property, and debt forgiveness galore! But wait, there’s more! How about selling homes to Black Americans for just $1? Now, that’s a bargain even Joe Biden can’t refuse!

But let’s not forget about the homeless veterans suffering on San Francisco’s streets in 2023. While city officials are busy dwelling on slavery from 1865, these brave men and women are left out in the cold.

It’s clear that San Francisco’s priorities are more than a little skewed. Here’s the cherry on top those championing reparations, particularly White liberals, are quick to demand action but slow to open their own wallets.

DuRousseau calls it “virtue-signaling” and, let’s be honest, it’s pretty hypocritical.

These activists would rather profit from peddling victimhood than truly help those in need. So, Republican pals, let’s have a good laugh at the absurdity of San Francisco’s reparations fiasco.

Thanks to DuRousseau’s truth-telling, we can see through the deception and continue fighting for genuine solutions that unite and uplift our great nation.

After all, who needs a $1 house when you’ve got good old-fashioned American values on your side?