You’ll NEVER Guess What Merrick Garland Just Said About Antifa, Make Sure You’re Sitting Down

Attorney General Merrick Garland testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee and the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, where he discussed the Justice Department’s budget and priorities.

However, Republicans took the opportunity to question him on the DOJ’s handling of hate crimes, domestic terrorism, political corruption, and white-collar crime.

During the hearing, Garland was asked why the DOJ doesn’t prosecute many Antifa attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers. Garland responded that these attacks often occur at night and in secret, making them difficult to investigate and prosecute.

Republicans also criticized Garland over the DOJ’s investigations into political corruption and white-collar crime.

Some accused him of turning the department into an enforcement arm of the Biden administration, while others questioned the FBI’s labeling of “traditionalist Catholics” as a terrorist risk.

Despite the intense questioning, Garland remained composed and reiterated the DOJ’s commitment to enforcing the law without bias or political interference.