You’ll NEVER Guess What Biden Told Kids at the White House – It’s About Ice Cream

While hosting a group of children at the White House, President Joe Biden made a strange promise, stating, “If you get in trouble with your mom, just let me know; I know how to get ice cream. Daddy owes you.” Though it may sound like harmless fun, this comment underscores a concerning trend in Biden’s behavior.

As the leader of the free world, it’s essential that the President maintains a level of decorum and seriousness. By making such a flippant comment, Biden risks undermining his credibility and the dignity of his office.

Whether joking about ice cream or stumbling over policy, Biden’s gaffes are becoming a troubling pattern. It’s time for the President to focus on the serious matters at hand and stop distracting the American people with trivialities.

Source Fox news