You’ll Be Surprised To Know What unfolded at the White House!

Former President Trump has raised serious concerns about the recent discovery of cocaine at the White House, focusing his attention on the Biden family. In a social media post, Trump questioned whether anyone other than Hunter and Joe Biden could be responsible for the drugs found in the West Wing, near the Oval Office.

Trump anticipated the media’s response, predicting that they would downplay the incident and dismiss the cocaine as common aspirin. He also directed attention to Special Counsel Jack Smith, whom he described as resembling a “crackhead.” This is not the first time Trump has criticized Smith, raising doubts about his objectivity and potential biases.

Trump demanded transparency and the release of security tapes to shed light on the origin of the drugs found at the White House. He firmly believes that these tapes, which he willingly provided during his tenure, hold crucial evidence to unravel the truth. However, there has been no immediate response from the White House or the Department of Justice regarding Trump’s remarks.

The discovery of cocaine prompted an evacuation of the White House and raised questions about security protocols and the safety of the premises. While President Biden and his son were not present at the White House during the incident, the location where the drugs were found is frequented by visitors.

The American public deserves answers and a thorough investigation into this matter. Trump’s concerns should not be dismissed lightly, as they have significant implications for the integrity and transparency of our government. It is crucial for the White House and the Department of Justice to address these concerns promptly and provide the American people with the transparency they deserve.

Source Fox News