You’ll Be Shocked To Know Who’s Smirking at Unanswered Queries

In yet another display of disrespect for the press, President Biden refused to take questions from reporters during a meeting with Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen at the White House on Monday. The reporters were quickly escorted out of the Oval Office, leaving their inquiries unanswered.

Biden and Frederiksen spoke for a brief four minutes about the alliance between their countries and their commitment to assisting Ukraine and combating climate change. As the reporters shouted questions, Biden smirked and chuckled, seemingly amused by their attempts to get his attention. He even engaged in a conversation with Frederiksen while ignoring the press.

This incident is just the latest example of President Biden avoiding or ridiculing reporters during his time in office. Back in May, a similar situation occurred when Biden met with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. Once again, Biden smirked and remained silent as reporters were ushered out of the room. This happened at a critical time when concerns were high over the expiration of the Trump-era border policy, Title 42.

But it doesn’t end there. In a previous encounter in the Oval Office with Israeli President Isaac Herzog, Biden openly mocked reporters. He imitated them by raising his eyebrows and mimicking their speech without uttering a word. He even laughed and slapped his knee as the staff escorted the reporters away.

The press has rightfully expressed their frustration and concern over these incidents. Bloomberg White House correspondent Nancy Cook voiced her worry about the president avoiding questions just weeks before the 2022 midterm elections.

It is worth noting that the White House has announced plans to revise rules for press briefings and conferences, aiming to determine who can attend and revoking credentials for unprofessional behavior. This move has raised concerns among journalists, who fear it could be used to silence tough and critical reporters, ultimately posing a threat to the First Amendment.

President Biden’s behavior towards the press is disappointing and disrespectful. The role of the press is crucial in holding the government accountable and ensuring transparency. However, it seems that Biden would rather avoid scrutiny and mockery than face tough questions.

It is imperative for Republican voters and all Americans to recognize the importance of a free and independent press. We must demand transparency and accountability from our leaders, regardless of their party affiliation. The actions of President Biden in the Oval Office should not be dismissed or ignored. Let us stand up for the principles that make our democracy strong and vibrant.

Source Fox News