You’ll Be Shocked To Know Who’s On The Presidential Horizon

In a recent article, New York Post writer Michael Goodwin raises serious concerns about the potential ascension of Vice President Kamala Harris to the presidency. Goodwin warns that Harris is just a step away from entering the White House if President Biden were to step down or face any significant challenges.

Critics of Harris argue that her frequent word salads and consistently low approval ratings make the prospect of a Harris presidency worrisome. A mid-May Monmouth poll revealed that Harris’ approval rating stands at a mere 37%. Another poll conducted by Fox News in April found that only 43% of voters approve of her job performance.

Even Fox News’ own Tom Shillue voiced his skepticism on “The Big Weekend Show,” noting that Democrats seem to be “stuck” with the vice president. He emphasized that Harris has never enjoyed substantial support from voters and that her selection as Biden’s running mate was surprising, considering her past criticisms of him. Unfortunately, her performance in office has not improved since then; if anything, it has worsened.

Shillue further commented on Harris’ communication style, saying, “Originally, she talked to children like she was talking to children. Then she started talking to adults the way that she talks to children. So I don’t know what she’s doing, but I don’t know that her presidency would be much different from Joe Biden’s.”

Anita Vogel, another co-host on the show, acknowledged Harris’ impressive resume, highlighting her law degree from UC Hastings and her previous roles as district attorney and California attorney general. However, she expressed her confusion about Harris’ demeanor and performance when she is in front of the cameras.

Mollie Hemingway, the fellow co-host, found Harris’ “failure” particularly intriguing due to her extensive list of accomplishments. She noted that Harris’ value to the Democratic Party is primarily superficial, and her removal from office would likely anger a significant portion of their electorate. Nonetheless, Hemingway emphasized that Harris does not contribute positively to the ticket in any substantial way, except as a safeguard for Joe Biden’s presidency.

In light of the challenges and concerns surrounding Kamala Harris, it is clear that her potential path to the presidency is fraught with uncertainty. As the second in command, it is essential to critically evaluate her performance and qualifications to ensure the stability and effectiveness of our nation’s leadership.

Source Fox News