You’ll Be Shocked To Know Who’s Facing A Popularity Crisis!

The White House is scrambling to save Vice President Kamala Harris’ approval ratings, which have remained stagnant in the high 30s. With President Biden’s age and health concerns, Harris is expected to face even more scrutiny in the 2024 campaign.

According to reports, senior Biden advisor Anita Dunn has tasked White House teams to schedule more events featuring Harris and promoting more popular aspects of the Democratic platform. However, this may not be enough to win over the American people.

Harris has been tasked with the least popular and most difficult issues during the first two years of Biden’s presidency, such as reforming elections and handling the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border. Her lack of success in these areas has contributed to her low approval ratings.

Furthermore, reports suggest that the Biden and Harris teams have struggled to work together since taking office, and Harris has had a revolving door of staffers who complain of a toxic work environment.

While Biden’s team is doing what it can, neither candidate is particularly popular. Biden sits at just 44%, and Harris is struggling to break into the 40s. Both have also been criticized for their frequent gaffes in public appearances.

In the end, boosting Harris’ approval ratings will not save the Democrats in 2024. Americans want results, not empty promises and word salads. Harris needs to demonstrate real leadership and make tangible progress on the issues that matter to the American people.