You’ll Be Shocked To Know Which UFC Legend Is A Huge Trump Supporter

Jorge Masvidal, the UFC fighter who recently praised former President Donald Trump after his last ever fight, has once again doubled down on his support for the former president.

Appearing on Fox News, Masvidal called Trump the “greatest president in the history of the world.” He explained that he felt compelled to make the statement after seeing Trump in attendance at his final welterweight fight in Miami.

The UFC legend gave thanks to God for all his success, and celebrated the United States as the “greatest country in the world,” with Florida being the “best state in the country.” Masvidal also praised Republican Governor Ron DeSantis for his leadership throughout the coronavirus pandemic, which he described as “so special.”

Masvidal’s message of freedom and liberty resonates with many passionate Republican voters who believe that government overreach and excessive regulation have been the main obstacles to individual success and prosperity.

The fighter’s unwavering support for President Trump and his conservative policies is a reminder that the Republican Party stands for American values and principles, including limited government, free markets, and individual freedom.

Masvidal’s passionate endorsement of Governor DeSantis, who has been a vocal opponent of lockdowns and mask mandates, is a testament to the power of leadership in times of crisis.

The governor’s efforts to protect the rights and freedoms of Floridians have earned him a loyal following among conservatives who believe that individual responsibility and personal choice should be the guiding principles of public policy.

As we move forward into the post-pandemic era, the Republican Party must remain steadfast in its commitment to protecting the liberties and freedoms of all Americans, and to promoting policies that promote economic growth and individual prosperity.