You’ll Be Shocked To Know What’s Silencing The People’s Voice

The future of our great nation hangs in the balance, my fellow Republicans. We stand at a critical juncture where our democracy is on the brink of being hijacked by the puppet regime of President Joe Biden. If we allow this charade to continue for another four years, irreversible changes will be made that put partisan agendas on autopilot, silencing the voice of the people.

As a former member of Congress, I have witnessed firsthand the power of elections and their potential to restore liberty and prosperity to America. But now, under the guise of “saving our democracy,” the Biden administration is undermining representative government at every turn.

In my newly released book, “The Puppeteers: The People Who Control the People Who Control America,” I delve deep into the sinister workings of this puppet regime. Federal agencies, public schools, professional organizations, unions, and scientific research institutions—have all become puppets dancing to the tune of the Democratic Party. I expose the puppeteers and reveal the pretexts they use to grow their power and impose disastrous policies on our nation.

Just listen to President Biden’s speeches on saving democracy, and you will see the irony. His calls to action are anything but democratic. He wants to give the government more control over our lives, from dictating which cars we can buy to influencing our investment choices.

They even want to decide which races of job candidates we hire and which demographic groups get targeted for ballot collection. This is not saving democracy; it’s ensuring Democratic majorities.

Take, for instance, Biden’s executive order in March 2021, instructing over 600 federal agencies to “get out the vote.” But elections are run by local governments, not the federal government.

Yet, Biden’s order aims to tilt the playing field in favor of his party by dictating which groups federal agencies should target for voting. Conveniently, these groups align with strong Democratic voting blocs.

The puppeteers behind Biden’s administration are setting up mechanisms to ensure that power never truly changes hands, regardless of the will of the voters. Even if a president from a different party is elected, reversing their broad programs could take years. They are using rulemaking authority to force companies to adhere to progressive orthodoxy, criminalize dissent, and surveil innocent Americans.

These new rules mandate the hiring of ideologically aligned job candidates, outsource education curriculum development to teachers’ unions with progressive agendas, and reward federal contracts to those who conform to specific political views.

To reclaim our country, we must acknowledge that we are in a new fight. Winning elections alone may no longer suffice, though it remains crucial. We must rally the support of states and state elected officials to challenge the unconstitutional power grabs of federal bureaucrats. In this battle to protect our constitutional rights, we need a multi-pronged approach that encompasses federal and state levels of government.

Let us unite, my fellow Republicans, and fight to preserve the principles that our great nation was founded upon. Together, we can overcome the puppet regime of Joe Biden and ensure that the voice of the people remains strong and resolute in shaping the future of America.

Source Fox News