You’ll Be Shocked To Know What This Congresswoman Accused The Bidens Of

In a stunning development, Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene has accused the Biden family of being involved in human trafficking. The fiery Georgia Republican claims that the family has been involved in illicit business deals in Ukraine, Russia, and China for years.

She believes that the Biden family has financially benefited from Joe Biden’s positions of authority over the decades. According to her, the “Biden crime family participated in human trafficking by soliciting prostitutes from the United States and abroad in countries like Russia and Ukraine.”

Although there have been revelations about Hunter Biden’s risky business prior to the 2020 election, Greene maintains that the House Oversight Committee can uncover links between other family members and financial transactions related to some of the women associated with Hunter.

She and several lawmakers made their allegations after reviewing thousands of financial records from the Treasury Department.

Greene’s conjecture may not be entirely unfounded, considering Hunter Biden’s struggles with drug addiction and other issues. The investigation will reveal the extent of corruption in the entire Biden family, not just the president and his son.

There is an entire crime enterprise wrapped around Joe Biden and his family, and the investigation will expose it.