You’ll Be Shocked To Know What The New Poll Reveals

In a recent poll conducted by Quinnipiac University, it has become abundantly clear that a significant number of Americans have concerns about President Biden’s age and his ability to effectively serve another term as commander-in-chief. The results reveal that nearly two-thirds of registered voters believe Biden is too old to be an effective president for another four years as we approach the 2024 election.

Among Republican voters, an overwhelming 90% expressed their belief that Biden’s age poses a hindrance to his presidential capabilities. Independents, too, share this sentiment, with 69% stating concerns about the president’s age.

Interestingly, 8% of Republicans and 28% of independents did not view Biden’s age as a significant obstacle to his effectiveness as president.

On the Democratic side, opinions were more divided. While 57% of Democrat voters felt that Biden is not too old to serve another term effectively, 41% believed otherwise.

When it comes to Biden’s potential Republican challenger, the poll shows that a majority of voters do not consider former President Trump to be too old to serve another term. Specifically, 59% of voters think Trump is capable of fulfilling the responsibilities of the presidency for four more years, while 36% hold a contrary view.

Within the Republican camp, a staggering 85% have confidence in Trump’s ability to effectively serve as president once again. Among independent voters, 55% share this confidence.

Nevertheless, 15% of Republican voters and 39% of independents still harbor doubts about Trump’s capacity to serve as president, considering his age.

Turning to the Democratic perspective, 51% of Democrats believe Trump is too old to effectively serve another term in the White House, while 42% believe he is not.

The poll also assessed the favorability ratings of Biden and Trump. Biden received a 39% favorability rating, with 54% expressing unfavorable views. Meanwhile, Trump earned a 40% favorability rating, with 56% viewing him unfavorably.

The data highlights a growing concern among Americans regarding Biden’s age. At 39% favorability, the president faces challenges in gaining widespread support for another term. Additionally, his potential rematch against Trump in 2024 looms as a formidable battle on the horizon.

As the oldest serving president in history, Biden, if re-elected, would spend his golden years in the White House, potentially serving until the age of 86. However, with the electorate showing reservations about his age and his favorability ratings, the road to a second term may prove to be an arduous one.

SourceĀ Fox News