You’ll Be Shocked To Know What the Biden Administration is Ignoring

As a high school student, taxes can be confusing and overwhelming. That’s why it’s important for students to have choices when it comes to tax preparation. Unfortunately, the Biden administration is pushing for the development of a direct e-file system for taxes, which is an unpopular choice among Americans.

An internal study conducted by the nonpartisan Mitre Corporation found that Americans overwhelmingly prefer commercial tax preparation software over an IRS-managed system. This is alarming, given that the Inflation Reduction Act requires a truly nonpartisan, independent, third-party review of the feasibility, cost, and taxpayer opinions on the matter.

But what does this mean for students? It means that students should have the option to use commercial tax preparation software, which is fast, easy, and free. Students should not be forced to use a direct e-file system that lacks the features and convenience of commercial software.

Furthermore, the IRS has not been transparent about independent findings on the feasibility, cost, and taxpayer opinions on the matter. The administration handpicked a think tank with ties to the liberal wing of the Democrat party that has already advocated for this bureaucratic expansion.

In conclusion, the Biden administration’s continued push for a direct e-file system for taxes is a bad idea for students. Students need choices when it comes to tax preparation, and the IRS must be transparent about independent findings. Let’s focus on building trust with taxpayers, rather than trying to gain more power through a direct e-file system.