You’ll Be Shocked To Know What Biden Just Admitted

In a stunning revelation, President Biden indirectly admitted the chaos that has plagued the U.S.-Mexico border for years. While addressing reporters at the Westchester County Airport, Biden acknowledged the presence of chaos and emphasized the urgent need to fully fund border security efforts.

With a Democratic majority in Congress, including control of the House of Representatives and the Senate, Biden had the opportunity to address the border crisis effectively. However, his administration chose to ignore the situation and even hindered previous efforts to reinforce the border.

Since taking office in January 2021, the Biden administration has taken numerous questionable actions that have worsened the border situation. They refused to utilize allocated funding, initiated lawsuits against border reinforcement measures, halted the successful “Remain in Mexico” policy implemented by former President Trump, and failed to extend Title 42, which led to a surge in illegal immigration.

During his recent interaction with the press, President Biden tried to shift the blame onto a divided Congress, claiming that they didn’t provide sufficient funding for the Border Patrol.

However, House Republicans have stepped up to address the crisis with the Secure the Border Act. This comprehensive bill aims to strengthen border security by building the much-needed wall, increasing the number of border patrol agents, and ending the flawed “catch and release” policies.

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise has pointed out that President Biden is responsible for creating most of the problems at the border.

The messaging sent by his administration on day one—halting wall construction, reinstating catch and release, and terminating the Remain in Mexico policy—has led to the perception that America’s border is open for all.

As responsible Republicans, we refuse to stand on the sidelines while President Biden creates this crisis. We are committed to solving the problem and restoring the rule of law. The Secure the Border Act is our way of providing a legal path to enter the country and ensuring a secure border for all Americans.

It is crucial for Republicans to unite behind this bill and hold President Biden accountable for the chaos at the border. As Title 42 is set to expire, we must brace ourselves for a potential surge of up to 14,000 encounters per day.

The recent record-breaking numbers of over 10,000 apprehended migrants in a single day serve as a stark reminder of the urgent action needed.

Let us rally behind the Secure the Border Act and demand that President Biden put aside his partisan agenda and prioritize the safety and security of our nation. Together, we can bring order to the chaos and protect the American people.

Source Fox News