You’ll Be Shocked To Know What Biden Did Behind Congress’s Back

President Joe Biden has once again overstepped his bounds and signed an executive order that would allow hundreds of thousands of migrants to enter the United States by the end of the year.

This move expands a previous policy and uses the temporary protected status label to allow for new entrants from Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Haiti. The move is being made under the guise of attempting to reduce illegal crossings at the southern border, but it’s really just an attempt to circumvent Congress.

If successful, the policy would result in the largest expansion of legal immigration in decades. Republicans will surely work to frame this move as an overreach that usurps Congress’ authority to legislate immigration. Already, 20 Republican-led states have filed suit in federal court to suspend the program.

Critics on the left have also decried Biden’s recent immigration posturing as insufficiently limited to only four countries when others are also in need.

This latest executive order is just another example of the Biden administration’s abuse of executive authority and its apparent objective for immigration policy: open borders and amnesty for all.