You’ll Be Shocked To Know The New Developments In The Oversight Committee

Welcome, passionate Republican voters, to another eye-opening revelation regarding the Biden family’s shady dealings. As the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, I have spearheaded an investigation into the Biden family’s influence-peddling schemes, and the findings are truly astonishing. We must ask ourselves: Do these deals pose a threat to our national security? Is President Joe Biden compromised?

Our committee has meticulously gathered thousands of pages of financial records tied to the Biden family. What we discovered will leave you dumbfounded. Millions of dollars flowing from China and Romania into the Biden family’s coffers and those of their associates.

But here’s the catch: What exactly is the Biden family business? They don’t manufacture anything, and they lack significant assets generating income. So, where is this money coming from? The answer is crystal clear: influence and access.

President Biden, who once promised transparency, has repeatedly lied to the American people about his family’s questionable business dealings. Now, we’re left wondering: Was Joe Biden personally involved in these schemes?

Hold on tight, folks, because we have an exclusive bombshell revelation. A highly credible whistleblower approached Senator Chuck Grassley with shocking disclosures about an unclassified FBI-generated record called the FD-1023 form.

This document memorializes a foreign national’s conversations with a confidential human source, claiming to have bribed then-Vice President Biden in exchange for certain actions.

Disturbing, isn’t it? Senator Grassley and I demanded the FBI produce this record, but they initially stonewalled our efforts. It seems the premier agency tasked with investigating crimes was protecting the Bidens. FBI Director Christopher Wray even denied the record’s existence until cornered, and then the agency failed to comply with our congressional subpoena. Outrageous!

However, the tide turned when we threatened to initiate contempt of Congress proceedings. The FBI, under pressure, allowed all members of the House Oversight Committee to review the record and produce additional documents. A significant victory, indeed, enabled us to conduct oversight and hold the FBI accountable to the American people.

So, what do we know thus far?

The FBI has confirmed that the information within the record is part of an ongoing investigation.
The confidential human source, a trusted informant, has been used by the FBI for years and is highly credible.
The allegations within the record align closely with the financial records obtained by our committee.

The Bidens have a history of using a web of limited liability companies and complex transactions to obscure the origins of money and evade detection.
Disinformation from the left highlights the urgency for the FBI to provide this unclassified FD-1023 record to the House Oversight Committee.

Despite growing evidence, the White House and Democrats are deceiving the American people by downplaying the allegations. Let’s set the record straight:
First, Democrats label the record as secondhand hearsay, but it originates from a trusted confidential source who has collaborated with the FBI for over a decade.

Second, they claim the record is part of Rudy Giuliani’s submissions to the FBI, but that’s false. The FD-1023 stands independently and contains information from the FBI’s confidential source dating back to 2017.

Third, the FBI generated the FD-1023 in June 2020 based on their records dating back to 2017. The Department of Justice conducted an assessment on separate material provided in January 2020, and this assessment was closed in August 2020. The DOJ’s investigation timeline disproves Democrats’ insinuations of a rushed and incomplete probe.

Lastly, it’s crucial to note that these allegations remain open. FBI officials and former Attorney General William Barr have rejected Democrats’ lies, clarifying that the Biden bribery investigation was sent to Delaware for further examination.

Fellow Republicans, it’s time to demand answers, transparency, and accountability. We have lost faith in the FBI’s ability to enforce the law impartially, but rest assured, the House Oversight Committee will stay committed to uncovering the truth.

Let the Democrats’ distractions and falsehoods fuel our determination to hold the Bidens accountable. Stay tuned for more updates, and together, we’ll restore trust in our institutions.

Source Fox News