You WON’T Believe Who’s Criticizing Progressive Crime Policies

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently criticized the far left for their approach to crime, stating that Democrats are hurting the very people they claim to represent. Cuomo argued that the far left doesn’t want to talk about crime and referred to their claim that there is no crime problem as Republican propaganda.

He pointed out that crime most affects low-income and minority communities, and when the Democrats refuse to address the issue, the people who pay the price are the black, brown, and poor. This comes as some retail stores across the country are closing their doors due to crime, with some suffering dozens of robberies and burglaries.

Republicans have been critical of progressive prosecutors in Democrat-run cities, arguing that their policies are soft on crime and contributing to high crime rates. Some cities have even seen recall votes focused on such policies.

Cuomo’s comments highlight a growing concern among Republicans that Democrats are ignoring the problem of crime in America. While they claim to represent the interests of the poor and minority communities, their failure to address this issue is hurting those very same people.