You WON’T Believe What This Church Was Ordered to Pay

Fellow patriots, we have yet another example of liberal overreach and government tyranny! A California church, Calvary Chapel, has been slapped with a whopping $1.2 million fine for daring to hold religious services and not forcing its congregants to wear masks. Can you believe it?

This injustice was carried out by none other than a Democrat-appointed judge, Evette D. Pennypacker. She had the audacity to ridicule the church for its refusal to comply with COVID-19 restrictions and even claimed that the church encouraged others to do the same, regardless of the cost – even if it means death.

It’s clear that this is just another attempt by the left to suppress our religious freedoms and exercise unconstitutional control over our lives. We must stand firm in our faith and resist these unjust mandates, no matter the cost.

Let us pray for Calvary Chapel and for all those who are facing similar persecution for their faith. May God protect them and grant them the courage to stand up to this oppressive regime.