You Won’t Believe What Megyn Kelly Just Said About Dr. Jill Biden – Republicans Unite!

It’s clear that the liberal media and the left have no respect for our First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden. Despite her hard-earned Ed.D, they mock and belittle her by refusing to acknowledge her rightful title. Meanwhile, they have the audacity to criticize Megyn Kelly for her truthful remarks, showing their ignorance about the significance of a doctorate degree.

The liberal media, who once had a policy of not referring to anyone as “Dr.” unless they held a medical degree, has now flip-flopped to suit their political agenda. Their double standards and lack of respect for education are on full display as they demand that Dr. Jill Biden be referred to by her title, while they themselves refuse to do so.

It’s clear that this entire controversy stems from the jealousy and insecurity of the left. As stated in the Los Angeles Times, Dr. Jill Biden earned her doctorate to ease her psyche about feeling inferior and to prove to herself that she was more than just the wife of a senator. Yet, instead of celebrating her achievements and recognizing her hard work, the left choose to attack and undermine her efforts.

As Republicans, it’s our duty to stand by and support our First Lady, who represents our country with grace, intelligence, and a true passion for education. It’s time for the liberal media to acknowledge Dr. Jill Biden for who she is, an accomplished and dedicated individual who deserves the respect she has earned.

In conclusion, Megyn Kelly was right in pointing out the absurdity of referring to Dr. Jill Biden as anything other than what she truly is, a doctor.

It’s time for the left to put aside their political biases and show the same respect to our First Lady that they demand for themselves. As Republicans, we stand with Dr. Jill Biden and will always support her in her endeavors.