You Won’t BELIEVE This Technology Is Being Used For Oppression

China is using high-end technology to oppress its own citizens and even erase its own history, which is why the US needs to put tough restrictions on the export of artificial intelligence and other technology to Beijing, according to Rep. Mark Green, R-Tenn. In a recent interview with Fox News Digital, Green stated that China has managed to use technology to erase national awareness of the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989, when hundreds and possibly thousands were killed and many more injured.

Despite the historical importance of Tiananmen Square, most people in China do not even know the massacre occurred. This is because the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) scrubbed these events from its heavily censored internet and has kept it out of books and out of school. Using its advanced technology, the CCP has erased its own history.

But it’s not just about history. This regime steals American intellectual property and then undermines our national security, oppresses its own people, and threatens global stability.

Green’s bill is the China Technology Transfer Control Act, which is aimed at imposing new limits on US technology exports to China in order to ensure the US maintains its competitive edge and to keep Beijing from using advanced systems against its own population.

His bill seeks to impose new export restrictions on technology used to create AI systems and other technology related to robotics, biotech, computing, and internet-related services.

Export restraints on those goods would be imposed when it would aid China’s military, harm US national security, or allow China to carry out violations of human rights or religious liberties against its own people.

Green said AI poses a particular threat, which is why the US must be more cautious and impose export restrictions on China. The threats posed by the CCP are multifaceted and complex, including threats to our nation’s cyber infrastructure and supply chains. Therefore, we must proceed with extreme caution when implementing advanced technological solutions like AI into our nation’s critical infrastructure.

Source Fox News