You WON’T Believe How Immigration Enforcement Has Changed, WOW

Let’s talk about something important: how the Biden administration’s immigration policies are affecting our nation’s safety.

During President Trump’s time in office, ICE aimed to deport 151,000 convicted criminal illegal immigrants in a year.

They managed to deport just over 100,000. But under President Biden, the numbers have dropped. In 2021, the target was 97,440, but only 39,149 were deported.

In 2022, the target was 91,500, and just over 38,000 were deported. And guess what? The targets for 2023 and 2024 are even lower, with only 29,393 deportations planned for each year. Yikes! So, why is this happening?

Well, the Biden administration put new restrictions on ICE agents, limiting them to arresting and deporting only three types of illegal immigrants: recent border crossers, national security threats, and public safety threats.

This has played a big part in the decline of deportations. But there’s more. ICE plans to reduce the average daily population of detained adults by 9,000 and scale down the use of Alternatives to Detention (ATD).

In simple terms, fewer people will be detained, and fewer will be monitored using other methods like phone apps or ankle bracelets.

All of this is happening while the Title 42 public health order, which allowed for the rapid expulsion of migrants during the COVID-19 pandemic, is set to expire in May.

That could lead to even more people crossing the border. Now that you’re in the know, it’s time to get involved and make a difference. Let’s work together to ensure a safer and more secure America for everyone.