You WON’T Believe How Biden’s Administration Deflects Attention!

Donald Trump Jr. accused President Biden of using TikTok as a distraction from the Biden family’s financial ties to Chinese companies.

He spoke to Fox News Digital after revelations that the Biden family received more than $1 million from accounts linked to Hunter Biden’s associate, Rob Walker, and their Chinese business ventures in 2017.

Trump Jr. criticized the Biden administration’s focus on TikTok while ignoring other social media platforms that allow data flow through China.


Trump Jr. claims Biden is using TikTok as a scapegoat Biden family received over $1 million from accounts tied to Chinese business ventures.

House Oversight Committee found payments to three family members of Trump Jr. highlights media double standards regarding Biden and Trump families U.S. officials and lawmakers express concerns about TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance.


As Republicans, we must stay vigilant and question the motives behind the Biden administration’s actions.

The recent findings about the Biden family’s financial ties to China raise concerns that need to be addressed, while the administration’s focus on TikTok may only serve as a distraction.

By staying informed and critical, we can ensure the strength and security of our nation against foreign influence.