Will Trump’s Voice Be Silenced Before His Big Moment

Donald Trump was planning on delivering a speech on Tuesday addressing his recent indictment, but reports indicate that his lawyers have caught wind of a potential gag order to be put into effect on Monday. The order would prevent Trump from speaking about the case, which would include fundraising for it.

While this move could impact Trump’s current strategy, which has revolved around stirring public outrage, it may ultimately help him by preventing him from making statements that could potentially harm his case. The gag order may also impact his upcoming speech and how he chooses to address the indictment.

It is important to prioritize caution in dealing with these criminal charges, and the best thing Trump could do right now is to let his lawyers handle it and refrain from speaking about his legal issues. While the gag order may anger some of his supporters, it is a necessary step in ensuring a fair trial.

Source https://redstate.com/bonchie/2023/04/02/new-york-judge-reportedly-working-to-stop-trumps-big-indictment-speech-n725362