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The Biden administration has been in power for several months now, and it is essential to examine its impact on conservative values and principles. From day one, it was clear that President Biden’s policies would deviate significantly from the conservative agenda. Let’s take a closer look at some key aspects of Biden’s presidency:

Abandoning Border Security: One of the most concerning aspects of Biden’s administration has been its approach to border security. The reversal of Trump’s immigration policies has resulted in a surge of illegal border crossings, compromising national security and straining law enforcement resources.

Big Government Agenda: Biden’s policies have reflected a push towards an expanded government role in various sectors of the economy.

From massive infrastructure spending plans to proposals for higher taxes and increased regulations, the administration’s agenda threatens economic growth and individual freedoms.

Weakening Second Amendment Rights: Biden has shown a disregard for the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. His support for stricter gun control measures and attempts to bypass Congress through executive action is concerning for conservatives who value the right to bear arms.

Cancel Culture and Suppression of Free Speech: Under Biden’s administration, there has been an alarming rise in cancel culture and attempts to silence conservative voices. The targeting of conservative individuals and organizations by big tech companies and the demonization of differing opinions undermine the fundamental principle of free speech.

Energy Policies and Environmental Extremism: Biden’s focus on renewable energy and aggressive climate change policies threatens the vitality of traditional energy sectors and puts American jobs at risk.

His decision to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement and halt the Keystone XL pipeline project showcases a disregard for energy independence and economic prosperity.

In conclusion, the Biden administration’s policies and actions have raised significant concerns among conservatives.

From border security to individual freedoms, there has been a departure from conservative values and principles. It is crucial for conservatives to remain vigilant, stand up for their beliefs, and hold the administration accountable for its actions.

Source Fox News