Who’s Opposing Biden’s EPA Overreach, You’ll Never Guess

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia is threatening to oppose all of President Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) nominees over an expected regulation targeting power plant emissions.

The highly-anticipated EPA regulation will require coal- and natural gas-fired power plants to cut or capture the vast majority of their carbon dioxide emissions by 2040.

Senator Manchin argues that neither the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law nor the Inflation Reduction Act, both of which he supported, gave the EPA authority to regulate power plant emissions.

He believes that the Biden administration’s commitment to their extreme ideology overshadows their responsibility to ensure long-lasting energy and economic security. He has vowed to oppose all EPA nominees until they halt their government overreach.

Senator Manchin’s opposition could present a roadblock for the president’s future picks to serve in key leadership roles at the agency. He has already played a role this year in sinking at least two Biden nominees.

Source Fox News