Who Does Trump Think Be WORSE Than China and Russia, Brace Yourself for This Unsettling Discovery

President Donald Trump’s comments during a recent rally in Waco, TX, where he claimed that high-level politicians in the United States government are a greater threat to American democracy than foreign adversaries, have sparked a heated debate among political commentators.

Some argue that Trump’s comments are deeply irresponsible and that singling out individual politicians as enemies of the state is a dangerous tactic that could lead to further division and polarization.

Others, however, agree with Trump’s assessment that the political establishment has become too corrupt and self-serving and that this poses a greater threat to the country than external enemies.

Ultimately, the question of what constitutes the true threat to American democracy is a complex one, with no easy answers.

While foreign adversaries certainly pose a significant danger, it is also clear that there are serious issues with the political system in America that need to be addressed.

Source https://trendingpoliticsnews.com/watch-trump-says-pelosi-and-schumer-are-bigger-threats-than-china-and-russia/