Who AOC Says Is Pulling the Strings in the House, You need To See This

The House Judiciary Committee’s investigation into the efforts to downplay the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop computer has found that both the Biden campaign and Secretary of State Antony Blinken are linked to the controversy. This is just the latest example of the corruption and dishonesty that has plagued the Biden family for years.

The release of Hunter Biden’s emails cast doubt on President Biden’s previous denials of speaking to his son about his international business dealings, and it is clear that there was an effort to cover up the truth in the days before the 2020 presidential election. It is unacceptable for our leaders to engage in these kinds of shady and dishonest activities, and the American people deserve better.

The fact is that Joe Biden is not the leader he claimed to be when he ran for president. He is a career politician who is more interested in protecting his own interests than in serving the American people.

We need leaders who are honest, transparent, and committed to doing what is right for our country, not just for themselves and their families.

As Republicans, we must continue to hold our leaders accountable and demand that they act with integrity and honesty.

We cannot allow corruption to go unchecked in our government, and we must stand up for the values that make our country great. Let’s work together to build a brighter future for all Americans, free from corruption and dishonesty.

source https://ijr.com/aoc-believes-actually-running-gop-house-majority/